How does accumulated sick leave affect my benefit?

You can receive additional credited service for your earned, but unused sick leave. For every 176 hours of sick leave you have at retirement, you receive one month of additional credited service. The remainder of at least 120 hours or more qualifies you for an additional month. You may use a maximum of 14 months to qualify for early or normal retirement. However, this credit cannot be used to meet the minimum retirement eligibility requirements for age. There may be some exceptions that apply to certain park police officers.

For Example:

Hours Based on 8.0 Hour Day
1 Year2,112
11 Months1,936
10 Months1,760
09 Months1,584
08 Months1,408
07 Months1,232
06 Months1,056
05 Months880
04 Months704
03 Months528
02 Months352
01 Month176